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We have 8 Rush facts that only the real die hard fans will know… are you a real fan and do you know these facts? Check out your knowledge by clicking on ‘Get Started…>’ below

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  1. Bidelspach says:

    Spirit of radio red barchetta Jacobs ladder

  2. Bidelspach says:

    Spirit of radio red barchetta Jacobs ladder

  3. Robert Valdez says:

    Let’s go

  4. Joe says:

    Fly by Night

  5. Barry O'Keefe says:

    Rush Rocks

  6. Jim Nuchols says:

    Can’t wait to see Rush May 26th in Atlanta.

  7. Simon Panton says:

    its great !! to Hear you Guys are going to tour Again !! you are Sadly Missed on Tour Just Curious when you will be Playing The Big Ticket Venue in of Course the Home of TORONTO ? Getty are you still living in Yorkville

  8. Greg Carr says:

    I will be seeing the boys in July at Rogers Arena

  9. Barry Atherton says:

    Been a RUSH fan since the late 70’s .. I can’t afford a ticket to see them ,, O WELL for me I’ll just have to listen to my RUSH cd’s and chill — and laugh at the BLAH BLAH ‘S lol

  10. Randy Guillemette says:

    Geddy’s real name is Gary because it was the way his mother pronounce it :)

  11. Randy Guillemette says:

    Alex lifeson had a pilots licence at one time :)

  12. Randy Guillemette says:

    Neal Peart seek more drumming techinque from Buddy Rich and when they played together for the first time Geddy and Alex never notice :)

  13. Randy Guillemette says:

    Geddy Lee is a big baseball fan

  14. Randy Guillemette says:

    Neill is know to bike his way from city to city on tours :)

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