We all love a bit of Jon … in fact he’s been on our minds now for the last three decades – so it’s time we did a countdown of our favorite photos of Jon since we first saw him 1984 – see if you agree with our top ten HOT images of Jon… SHOW ME NOW […]


Something Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face On A Monday (Or any Other Day)  Of course we love a bit of Jon on record – we love him on stage too, but because  he’s also an excellent actor we get to see him on the big (and little screen as well) Here’s my top5 of Jon’s […]


Absolutely legendary series – here are some of our favourite quotes – please feel free to add your own… click on ‘NEXT’ below to get started…   NEXT >>

Spike Millian 1

Spike Milligan has been called many things over the years – genius and madman among them. Here’s 6 quotes that prove that as well as being a master comedian, he also had a philosophy we could all do well to learn from… Click on ‘NEXT’ below to see them all   NEXT >>

Les Dawson in 1975

If you watched TV during the 70’s and the 80’s –  you will of course seen the comic genius that is Les Dawson… Of course there was more to him than just Mother In Law jokes – we all know that … but it’s what he’s probably most loved for. Here are a few of […]


Rush have released a second video from the ‘R40 Live’ Concert film, to be released on Nov 20. It’s what Geddy refers to as a “pretty little number” from A Farewell To Kings album, “Closer To The Heart.” starts as Alex gets things going on his acoustic guitar, then Geddy  starts singing one of the few songs non-Rush fans would actually recognise before […]

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